Meet the Goats


Born 9/24/17. Arrived here on 11/12/17. Of all the goats he is the strongest and biggest. He was the only offspring so was able to get extra nourishment from his mom. Although larger in size and attempts to put everyone else in their place, he is still playful and loves to climb the trees and peoples backs. Loves full attention with lap sitting and neck rubs. Multicolor brown, white and a black strip down his back. Very handsome, I must say. He is named after our last dog, Dave.


Born 9/25/17. Arrived here 11/12/17. He was one of three litter mates that survived their first nine weeks. He is a bit shy with the other goats but loves human attention. He loves to lick your hands and he is the only one that will eat the carrots and apples when offered. His coloring is a greyish brown with a white strip down is his side with a sweet white face. Turk was the name of my first dog as a little girl.


Born 10/3/17. Arrived here 11/26/17 from Storybook Farms. She is a sweet grey and white mix with facial hair coloring that is just down right beautiful. It is like she has eye makeup around those large dark eyes. (I have sent you a description that Mark and Barbara wanted in a separate email. Hope you can find this, not sure I will be able to). Named by her breeder. She is in foreground


Born 10/3/17. Arrived here 11/26/17 with his sister Madeline from Storybook Farms. This guy is a real lap goat, even when I met him at 2 weeks he couldn’t wait to climb in your lap and cuddle. His is a shiny black with a white dot on his head. We had a border collie that was white and black and his name was Chip. When the wind picks up you will see Chip looking up waiting for one of those delicious Oak leaves to fall.


Born 10/8/17. Arrived here 11/25/17. Very handsome brown color with a black stripe down his back and a few white spots here and there. Very shy when he first arrived but hand fed him and now he looks up at me to see him he could get a rub down or of course more treats. Being one of the youngest he has had to hold his ground and has done a pretty good job. He is named after a girlfriend’s first dog.


Born 10/8/17. Arrived here11/25/17 with her brother Jesse. Shy at first but not for long, now loves to be held and get groomed with a brush. Her coat is a shiny black like Chip with the same spot on her head but she has a unique white rear leg. She is the smallest of the goats and has taken up hiding in a portable dog carry to get way from the others when she has had enough. She does enjoy head butting the others in the morning and seems to be the most frisky of the bunch. Her name is Columbian given to her by her breeder.

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