What Do Goat Classes Include?

It’s more than just a Yoga class. It may even sound silly but it’s helping people in extraordinary ways and it’s making people SMILE! It’s about being in nature, disconnecting with the day-to-day stress, all the negative going on in the world, sickness, depression and focusing on positive and happy vibes. It’s been described as “calm”, “therapy”, “Zen”, “meditative” and just plain “happiness.” This phenomena crossing the globe is occurring for one reason… Goats & Yoga is an Animal-Assisted Therapy in a natural setting with a smart, social, and profoundly cuddly animal. It is an unbelievable distraction from all that is going on and brings you to a state of “presence” and JOY.

What happens in Goat Classes?

We don’t train our goats for classes. It’s all a surprise and that’s what is so fun! During goat classes, we believe in letting goats be goats, and doing (within reason) what they want. They might jump on your back, stare into your soul, burp in your ear, or give goat hugs (trust me, it’s their thing). Most often they’ll just lay down on your yoga mat and snuggle up next to you…just as you perfect your pose. Goats and Yoga will be offering classes at El Ranchito de Carmel, located in sunny Carmel Valley, surrounded by Oak Trees and pure nature.

Health and Medical Benefits from Yoga Classes With Goats

Research indicates that interaction with therapy animals can temporarily affect the release of various neurotransmitters in the brain. Oxytocin levels (linked with bonding) and dopamine levels (involved in the reward-motivation system) are increased, while cortisol levels (an immunosuppressant associated with stress) are decreased. All of which are very beneficial. Goats are a happy distraction and help people to forget they’re in pain and keep them from feeling depressed. They really help you find your JOY again!

For Mental Health:

  • The simple act of petting animals releases an automatic relaxation response
  • Humans interacting with animals have found that petting the animal promoted the release of serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin- all hormones that can play a part in elevating moods
  • Lowers anxiety and helps people relax
  • Provides comfort
  • Reduces loneliness
  • Increases mental stimulation
  • Assist in recall of memories and help sequence temporal events in patients with head injuries or chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • Can provide an escape or happy distraction
  • Can act as catalysts in the therapy process

For Physical Health:

  • Could lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health
  • May reduce the amount of medications some people need
  • Breathing slows in those who are anxious
  • Releases many hormones such as Phenyl ethylamine which has the same effect as chocolate
  • Diminishes overall physical pain
  • Relax more during exercise
  • Participants were motivated, enjoyed the therapy sessions more, and felt the atmosphere of the session was less stressful during Animal-Assisted therapy
  • Many children with autism feel a deep bond with animals and feel that they are able to relate better than with humans
  • Children with autism were engaged in significantly greater use of language as well as social interaction

Carmel Valley Goats & Yoga Instructor


Certified Instructor at SELF EMPLOYED YOGA AND PILATES INSTRUCTOR and yoga instructor on the Monterey Peninsula. She is a wonderful addition to Carmel Valley Goats and Yoga.

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